Dennis Martire Likes to Stress the Value of Union Workers to Employers

Dennis Martire

Dennis Martire currently resides in Northern Virginia with his family. Many years after Dennis obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Government (that happened in 1986) from West Virginia Wesleyan College, he is now a major player with the Laborers International Union of North America, or LiUNA. Besides being a proud member of LiUNA Local #1058 out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he has also steadily advanced within the union, which many see as an example of his many years of commitment and dedication to every member of the union. Dennis considers his quest to better the working conditions by making sure all laborers have good paying and secure jobs to be a personal mission.

Dennis Martire has been working as a union leader charged with making working conditions better for many years, but he does a lot more. For example, he oversees LiUNA’s best-in-class training program. That program serves to provide continuing training for members, as a way to assist them with performing their job-related tasks more competently and efficiently. This training is available in a wide range of subjects and specialties and it assists workers with advancing in their careers, as well as assuring their employers that union workers tend to be more efficient and cost-effective than other workers.